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Homefront Help for Military Family

Airforce Staff Sargent William and his wife Rachel were excited to become homeowners when they transferred to Panama City, Florida. But like hundreds of others, their home was severely damaged during hurricane Michael and many of their possessions destroyed.

Rachel says, “I was just very emotional.  You've made this your home. This is where you make all your memories. And it was just really sad.”

The couple faced thousands of dollars in home repairs their insurance didn’t cover.

William says, “Definitely something you don’t think about or specifically prepare for.  Not something you would normally expect.”

They lived in B&B’s and hotels while the house was repaired. Multiple trips to check on the progress tripled their gas bills and eating out every day wasn’t cheap. However, both knew God would take care of their finances.

Rachel says, “It's helpful to just feel like when you're going through something, someone's there for you. It was a struggle. But, praying and reading my bible really helped."

The couples’ prayers were answered when their church, Hiland Park Baptist, called CBN’s Helping the Home Front.  Pastor Steven came over with some big news for William and Rachel.  CBN was paying for all repairs not covered by insurance.    

William and Rachel say, “Oh wow.  Thank you.  I don’t know what else to say but thanks.  I don't know what to say. That’s amazing.”

Now that William and Rachel’s home repairs are complete, they can enjoy their home without the burden of financial stress.

“We're very grateful. That's just a big blessing. Thank you.”

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