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Mom Blames Herself for Son’s Cleft Lip

The Chillangi villagers in eastern India believe that if a woman cuts anything during a lunar eclipse while pregnant, the child will be born with a cleft lip.  That's what Suryakumari thought happened to her baby boy, Chinni.

Barely able to hold back tears, Suryakumari said, "I didn’t realize it, but during one lunar eclipse, I was cutting vegetables or something.  It’s probably because of me that he was born like this."

Suryakumari and her husband worried that their son would be made fun of his entire life, but they couldn't afford to pay for the needed surgery.  Her husband works as a farm laborer, earning less than five dollars per day.

Suryakumari explained, "We hardly make enough to pay rent, take care of our family, and just survive."

Then, a CBN field worker visited their village and gave them great news.  We would give Chinni a free cleft lip surgery at a hospital in a near-by city.  A month after the operation, we visited their family to see how they were doing.

"He looks so good!  I never imagined this day would come," Suryakumari said with a big smile.  "Before the surgery, my in-laws did not care for him, but now they won't let him go.  My son’s life has completely transformed.  I thank everyone who made this possible."

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