Abandoned Because of an Ugly Face

Siti’s grandparents took in their baby granddaughter the day after she was born.    

“I thought how could my son and his wife get a divorce and leave their daughter just like that?” said Grandma Yayah.

What they didn’t realize was just how difficult it was be to raise a child born with a cleft palate.  Now, even at 2.5 years old, the toddler sensed something was wrong.  

“Siti often looks at herself,” said Grandma. “ When she cries, I ask her ‘Why’, and she points to her lip.  Once, I heard some people say, ‘she looks like a vampire.’”  

Then the couple heard about CBN.  They brought their granddaughter for a pre-surgery checkup and learned Siti was malnourished and that she’d contracted tuberculosis.

“I was crying when I heard the doctor say she was too weak to have an operation,” said Grandma,

So CBN provided Siti with the medicines needed to treat the T-B and we gave her milk and supplements to help her gain weight.    Finally, her lungs were clear and she was strong enough to undergo surgery!    

Today, Siti is a happy three-year-old who can’t wait to go to pre-school for the first time in the fall.

“Our neighbors say she is very pretty,” said a smiling Grandma. “That makes me so happy!

“I would like to say thank you to CBN,” said Grandpa Dede. “Because of you, our granddaughter looks beautiful! It’s all because of you. Thank you!”

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