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She Just Wanted to Dance

Once a year, all the ladies in LiFen's village compete in a dance contest. The top 10 get to perform during the Spring Festival.

LiFen quietly shares, "I always wanted to be one of those dancers. They look so happy: as free as birds, as beautiful as flowers."

But, she knew her mother didn't want her to dance or run or help around the house, either.

Mrs. Yang explains, "I was just being careful and trying to keep my daughter from anything that would cause a heart attack."

LiFen was diagnosed with heart trouble when she was four. Doctors said she needed surgery, but the Yang's couldn't afford it. And the medicine she used didn't always work.

"I was sick all the time," LiFen says. "There were days that my chest hurt so much that I felt like my heart had a rip in it."

Her mother adds, "I remember the first time she coughed up blood in her handkerchief. I was so scared."

Over time, LiFen lost most of her friends.

"Once, I showed up at her school," her mom shares. "I saw all of her classmates playing, but LiFen was sitting all alone, just watching. It broke my heart."

"I drew pictures of myself playing with friends because no one wanted to play with me," LiFen shares. "They were all afraid if they bumped into me, I would fall and not get up … or even die."

LiFen held onto her dream of dancing in the Spring Festival and secretly practiced.

She confesses, "I could only dance for a minute because my heart hurt so much and I couldn't breathe."

Mrs. Yang says, "I couldn't stand it if LiFen died before me. So, I just wished for a miracle in my heart and hoped that someone would help."

Then, one of LiFen's teachers told the Yangs about CBN, and we arranged for LiFen to have free heart surgery.

"My daughter is cured now," declares Mrs. Yang. "It's so great to see LiFen smile and run and jump. Every day after lunch, her friends come over and ask her to dance. They have been rehearsing, so they can perform at the Spring Festival. I'm so proud of her!"

Li Fen adds, "I've never been this happy in my life. It's a dream come true. Because of your love, I have a new heart and a new life!"

The two exclaim together, "Thank you CBN!"

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