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Love Lifted Her Burden

Every day, Sonia makes four or five trips to a distant open pit well.  She carries a bucket in one hand, and her baby in the other.

Sonia explained, “It’s so hard to carry both the water and my baby.  But I cannot leave her alone unattended in the house.”

Between the bad water and the summer sun, the baby gets sick often. Sonia’s husband works collecting and sorting garbage for recycling, but when the baby gets sick, the family doesn’t have enough money for medicine.

“If I didn’t have to go so far to get water, I could help my husband earn money,” said Sonia. “I want to take good care of my baby girl, but right now all we are doing is surviving.”

When CBN dug a well in the heart of their village, Sonia and her neighbors rejoiced.  They don’t have to walk long distances in the oppressive heat any longer.

Sonia said, “I am so thankful. My daughter will no longer have to go out with me in the heat. And now I can look for ways to earn some extra money.”

CBN helped Sonia do just that, when we gave her a sewing machine. Now she can start a small business making and mending clothes.

Sonia said, “Thank you so much CBN. I have had a tough life, but you have brought much joy to me. Bless you all!”

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