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A Mother’s Misguided Prayer

Mr. He couldn’t wait for the birth of his second child.  But he was shocked when his daughter was born.

He clearly recalls, “She had two slits in her upper lip, and she kind of looked like a rabbit.”

YuRan was born with a cleft lip and palate.  

Mrs. He says, “People stared at her a lot. I was afraid she would be treated like an alien.”  

So, Mr. He stayed in the city to raise money for surgery while Mrs. He moved YuRan to a small village, hoping people would be more accepting.  

She cries, “Everywhere we went, people still pointed fingers. They said YuRan was ugly, like a monster. It wasn’t fair to treat a little baby like that. I didn’t want YuRan to live in the shadows. I wanted her to have a sunny childhood.”  

But YuRan couldn’t even communicate, and she was always sick.

Mr. He notes, “The cleft lip and palate kept her from pronouncing things clearly. She wouldn’t even be able to go to school.”

“Bacteria got into her throat.  She got infections that destroyed her immune system.  Once she was so sick, she couldn’t move,” shares Mrs. He. “The thought of her dying haunted me.”

As YuRan got older, Mrs. He asked her deceased mother for help.  

“I prayed, ‘Mom, if you can see her difficulties from another world, please give her good health,’” Mrs. He explains. “But YuRan kept getting sick.”

Then, Mrs. He heard about someone else she could pray to.

“A man on TV said, ‘Jesus loves everyone. Bring your problems to Him,’” shares Mrs. He. She continues, “So I said to my husband, ‘Let’s pray to Jesus.’”

Shortly after they prayed, CBN visited the He’s. 

“I think it's a miracle. God heard my prayer,” exclaims Mrs. He.  “CBN said someone at the local health office told them about my daughter. And they arranged an operation for her.”

Today, YuRan’s smile is beautiful!

“She looks lovely now,” Mr. He proudly states. “Our neighbors even nicknamed her ‘little fairy.’”

Mrs. He concludes, “When I saw my daughter's mouth fixed-up, I thought of Jesus. He is the true God. So, I decided to believe and follow Him. Thank you to the CBN donors. You gave YuRan a wonderful future. And thank you to Jesus for always loving us!”

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