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COVID-19 Lockdown Hits Holocaust Survivor Hard

Lydia is a Holocaust Survivor.  She lives in Israel, where the forced isolation of the COVID-19 lockdown brings back tragic memories of her experiences during the Nazi invasion of Ukraine.

“I still remember the constant fear and hunger of those days.”

Lydia’s mother gave herself up to the Nazis and was killed in order to keep Lydia and her brother safe. Then they spent the rest of the war hiding under the floorboards of her grandparents’ home.

“We survived, but I can’t forget what we went through.”

Lydia later moved from Ukraine to Nazareth. Israel is under strict quarantine rules to keep the COVID-19 virus from spreading and Holocaust survivors are especially at risk. They can’t leave their homes to get groceries. So, CBN Israel is delivering vital food to them while taking every precaution to keep them safe.

“It’s amazing that you care enough to do all this for me.”

Thanks to CBN Israel donors, Lydia can have peace of mind knowing that someone is there for her during this difficult time.

“It’s really making a big difference in my life. Thank you.”

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