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Founder’s Inn 10k Bake-Off

This past Saturday, the Founders Inn and spa sponsored their first holiday bake-away. Professional chefs, home bakers, culinary schools and catering companies offered up their best cakes and pies for a chance to win one of three top dollar prizes… sure to make anyone’s Christmas brighter!

Pat says, “People love baking and this is an outlet for women in particularly and men who enjoy culinary arts.”

The contestants made an entry in each of three categories: a German chocolate cake, a three-layer carrot cake and a fruit pie or compote. Hundreds of delectable desserts were on display and the aroma in the air was simply irresistible!

Contestant 1 says, “This is my German chocolate cake. This one here is dark chocolate and then the little pine cones are cake balls with almond slices.”

Contestant 2 shares, “The number one secret ingredient in all my desserts is love.”

Along with their creations, contestants submitted their recipes and cost of ingredients to make them. A panel of 7 judges rated the entries on 12 criteria.

Alice Cooke shares, “I love sweets. I’m looking for something that just makes my mouth sing and something maybe that’s creative. A little bit different than what we are used to seeing. Oh it looks like people have really gone all out. There are some gorgeous displays. They put a lot of time and energy into this. You can see that without even tasting anything.”

First up to be judged was the three-tier carrot cake.

Contestant number 3 says, “I did a carrot cake that was handed down from my sisters and my aunt. And just a pecan garnish with a little bit of candy ginger.”

Round 2 included the pies and compote.

Contestant number 4 says, “I believe what’s going to set me apart to be the winner is my key lime pie because of the mango puree and the raspberry puree. It is to die for.”

Lastly came the German chocolate cake!

Contestant number 5 shares, “The German chocolate cake is an old recipe that we have been making many, many years.”

Contestant number 6 says, “I made a roulade or made it kind of like a German Chocolate Yule log and I put the coconut pecan filling in the center rolled it and then I did gnash on the outside.”

Pat Robertson, founder of CBN and creator behind the event, was one of the judges.

Pat shares, “The one that’s really delicious that you don’t get very often is German chocolate. If they do a good job or you know a good apple pie at Christmas isn’t too bad either so there are fruit pies in this mix too.”

Finally the moment everyone was waiting for.

Pat says, “This is for the first place award winner. The Founders Inn ten thousand dollar bake-away is contestant number 94.”

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