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Do You Have More Money Than You Think?

Keri Casazza couldn’t understand why she was always behind on her bills – especially working two jobs.

“I would be afraid, ‘Oh my gosh, am I going to have enough money for groceries? Or my electricity getting cut off? My phone being cut off, my rent being paid?'”

Keri went to a financial counselor to get help.  It was there she realized her problem.

“I was spending money and not realizing how much I was spending—two or three dollars a day spending on a cup of coffee or something like that, that adds up on a daily basis. Seeing my finances in front of me on a spreadsheet, you know, being told, you actually do make enough money.”

They taught Keri how to manage her finances using biblical principles. That included going on a budget, and tithing off all her income, something she thought she couldn’t do.

“I’d heard about it, and just always thought that I can’t afford to do it, because I didn’t make enough money,” Keri recalls. “I was always so afraid.”

Keri followed their advice, sticking to her budget and tithing. When she made the adjustment to tithing off both paychecks, she noticed a change with her part-time job selling furniture.

“I was making about two to four hundred dollars a paycheck,” says Keri. ‘“And then once the shift started, a thousand, eleven hundred dollars, in one paycheck, you know, for 2 weeks. And that’s one day a week. To see that come in and to realize, ‘Oh my gosh, you know, the Lord really has been my source and he’s seen that I’ve been obedient,’ it just blew me away.”’

Then Keri says God asked her to quit her furniture sales job.  She took that leap of faith, and now she’s enjoying her full-time job in property management even more.   Since that time, Keri says her finances haven’t skipped a beat.

Even after I pay my tithe and pay my bills, I still have the same amount of money in my account, and I just laugh because that’s the Lord.

Now Keri has the resources to support ministries she loves, like CBN and Orphan’s Promise.

“I love anything that has to do with little ones, orphans and just them finding good homes. Watching the stories about them just really kind of tugs at your heart,” Keri says. “I just feel like I really have to give to that.”

‘“So many people say, ‘I can’t afford it.’  Well, you can’t afford not to. Because our money actually is not ours; it all belongs to the Lord and he wants to see that we trust him enough and believe in him enough, that he’s going to take care of us.”’

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