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From Bankrupt & Broke to Bountiful—a “God” Turnaround!

Glennn Henderson of Jacksonville, Florida serves as a consultant for corporations like Hobby Lobby and the American Bible Society. He and his wife, Regina, are successful entrepreneurs who seem to have it all.

“My husband and I are type A individuals. We're very driven; we're nonstop,” says Regina.

When they first married, the Hendersons started a transport business and initially did very well.

“We had been living very, very high and enjoying things that were shiny and glitzy but not really focusing on the God that we had both been raised to love and know. We were more takers than givers,” Regina explains. "We got in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service and we incurred a lot of debt.”

“It was one blow after another, one loss after another,” Glenn recalls, “And then that was the time that we just hit rock bottom.”

They had to declare bankruptcy. For the next two years, the Hendersons struggled to start over but all their efforts seemed fruitless.

Glenn remembers that time, “We were so poor that we didn't even have a refrigerator. We were living out of a cooler. There was no income. I used to put change into a jar, whatever loose money I had in my pocket, and, so, we actually lived on that for quite some time.”

Then, Regina started watching The 700 Club and shared what she was learning with Glenn.

“The 700 Club was very instrumental in encouraging us during that time period,” Regina recalls.

“We heard about the law of reciprocity from this guy by the name of Pat Robertson,” Glenn remembers. “It was at that time that we began to realize that God has everything to say about His money and money that He affords us to manage, and that became very important to us in honoring our Lord and honoring God in the things that we do.”

“We understood from our time of learning, that we should pray about it,” Regina says. “We should ask God to help us. We should give of ourselves. We didn't have any money to give. So, we would go to the food banks and we would help there.”

"I delivered meals on wheels,” Glenn adds. “I remember taking care of elderly people and just saying, ‘Well, Lord, I don't have money to give, but I will give of my time; I will give of whatever talents I have.’"

Soon after, Glenn and Regina got work as contractors and launched AFC Worldwide, a transport company, from their apartment. They started tithing from their income and gradually worked their way out of debt.

“We came to learn that you grow as the business grows,” Regina says, “So, when the business actually outgrew the apartment is when we subletted another location, and then once we grew too big for that, then we got our own place.”

In 2008, the company they contracted for folded, so the Hendersons’ took over many of their contracts. The very next year, they brought in two hundred thousand dollars in revenue. As they grew, they continued to give. Soon, they were serving high-profile clients, including Motorola, Hallmark and the White House.

“As we were focused and committed to biblical principles and not borrowing and just doing things little by little as Deuteronomy, as those passages say, the Lord gave us increase, and He provided for us, we had favor and we began to see our lives change,” Glenn adds. 

By the time they sold their company three years later, sales were trending to hit a hundred million dollars.

“It just changed our whole world that the business does not belong to us, it belongs to God,” Glenn says.

Glenn now oversees and serves as a pastor of a hundred thousand square foot ministry and commercial space. He and Regina continue tithing from their investments and enjoy teaching others the principles of giving.

“We're givers now,” says Regina. “We enjoy the fact that we can not only tithe but that we can do above.”

“It's really not about the money; it's about your heart and it's about how you manage God's resources,” adds Glenn. “He will provide for us if we manage things His way. Money is a cruel master, but a great servant, and if we use it to bring glory to God, He will bless you.”

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