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A Heart to Give Becomes a Huge Blessing for One Couple

Louise and Rob Owens love walking in their neighborhood, or fishing at the pier.

Louise says, “Just going down to the beach catching this and that, by the rec center, spending quality time together.”

Her husband, Rob, chimes in, “The fishing is not about the fishing, but about spending time with my wife.”

It’s a big change for Louise, whose life was pretty rough just a few years ago.

Louise says, “It is hard for me to talk about, I was a bit of a story in the neighborhood, the party girl, I was a very strong and base bottom line alcoholic.”

Then she met the staff and volunteers from Operation Blessing partner New Life Christian Center.

Louise says, “They didn’t judge me they just gave me food when I needed it, prayer when I needed it, and when they’d see me on the street, just a hug… without them in the community, this community would be lost.”

Louise eventually began volunteering at vacation bible school.

Louise says, “I was sitting on the stage, and it was Wednesday, and it was about in between when the kids eat snacks… And I just looked up and I saw somebody in the back saying ‘Louise I love you, it’s okay you’re my child, I love you.’”

Pastor Nancy Gerry says, “She had a real revelation of God’s love for her that was just life changing, and I don’t think she’s had a drink ever since.”

“Without God in my life, I wouldn’t be here, straight to the point, I wouldn’t be breathing today, physically, emotionally, mentally, I wouldn’t be blessed with what I am today, I wouldn’t have an amazing husband...” Louise says.

Though Rob works hard as a factory clean up tech, times have been hard financially, and the food they get from Operation Blessing and The Storehouse helps them get by.

Rob says, “The food we get from Operation Blessing and The Storehouse, it helps out quite a bit and relieves the burden.”

Today both Rob and Louise volunteer at The Storehouse, stocking shelves, serving others, and being a light to those in need.

“I see my wife do many things in the church, she works at the storehouse, she’s always the first to volunteer,” says Rob. “It makes me feel good; because I know God did that all for her, and she doesn’t expect anything in return, she just does it! It makes me feel really good because I’m like that’s God 100% in her!”

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