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Widow Treks Six Hours a Day for Water

As the dust devils rise in the fields, Nkimbosho rises with them. She gets up before dawn, and works hard every day to care for her family in this dry region.

Nkimbosho said, “My husband died when my children were very young, so I am the father and the mother.  I take care of everything.  I'd leave my home around seven every morning and walk to get water. It took me at least six hours every day.  Carrying five gallons of water gave me terrible back aches.  Sometimes I couldn't even move because of the pain. The water was only enough for cooking and drinking.  There was none left for cleaning or washing ourselves.”

With very little time to do anything else, Nkimbosho struggled to make ends meet.

 “My daughter was sent home from school, because I was unable to pay her school fees,” explained Nkimbosho. “I decided to pay the fees with the little money we had, but there was nothing left to feed my children. I believed that my children going to school would end our struggles one day.”

Then CBN's Operation Blessing dug a deep well in her community, and pumped water right to her.  

Nkimbosho said, “Everything has changed.  I wash twice a day and my children do the same. I now have cows and goats that I sell, so I can buy and pay for everything I need.”

CBN Reporter, Dan Reany, asked her, “And now, besides all of these, you even have a dairy cow over there, right?”

Nkimbosho answered, “Yes, my dairy cow produces so much milk I sell the extra in the market. Now I am even paying my fees for my children to go to university.  I have everything I need thanks to the water and to God.”

Now Nkimbosho has enough water and food to take care of her whole family, and all of her livestock.

Nkimbosho said, “I wish I could meet all of the people who made this happen, and give them all a big hug. I pray God will bless you, your work, your whole generation, and all of your children.”

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