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Quake Leaves Pastor Homeless

When a series of massive earthquakes hit Mexico, Pastor Rafael just wanted to know his family was okay.

Rafael explained, “I rode my motorcycle to the other side of town.  As I looked for them, there were a lot of people hurt, and bleeding everywhere.  As I went further inside the city, I got more and more scared for my family, and wondered what had happened to them.”

He eventually found his family.  Everyone was okay, but their house had collapsed.  Ever since, they’ve been living in tents and under tarps.

Rafael’s wife said, “Before the earthquake, we made a great effort to build one small room to live in.  That was our home, and now the earthquake left us with no place to live.”

Even as they were struggling themselves, Pastor Rafael reached out to help others in need.

“We worked to help our neighbors, handing out food and helping in any way we could,” said Rafael.

When Operation Blessing showed up in his village, we heard about this hardworking pastor who was still serving his community faithfully.  That’s when we decided to build the family a new home.

With tears running down his face, Rafael said, “The presence of God has been shown to us through you, as your name says, you have been a blessing to us.  We never could have built a home like this by ourselves. We have been blessed greatly.”

CBN Reporter, Dan Reany, said, “These new houses are designed to be earthquake resistant.  The blocks they’re using are strong, yet surprisingly light weight.  And that means families here are going to be living in bigger, nicer, safer houses than they have ever lived in before.”

Their daughter helps out, too.  She offers workers bottles of water, and even hauls cement in her little wheelbarrow.

Rafael’s daughter said, “I like to give water to people working.  They are doing a lot for us.”

Rafael added, “This house is a testament to others.  A non-Christian man came and said, ‘I have seen them building your house.  After the earthquake, you helped all of us.  Now God is helping you.’  Today, that man is a Christian.”

Soon, Rafael and his family moved into their new home.

“This new house took away the pain of what we lost,” said Rafael.  “Thank you, Operation Blessing.”

His daughter said, “Thank you Operation Blessing for my new and beautiful home.”

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