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Living in a House Made of Plastic

When a 6.9 magnitude earthquake leveled her community in Guatemala, Catalina and her son Bradley were terrified.  When they looked back, the house where they were staying was badly damaged.  The roof had fallen and the walls were crumbling.   

“The house shook. Everything was moving. We ran outside,” recalled the single mother.  “We had to go back inside to sleep that night.    “I knew it was dangerous to be there but I had no place to go for refuge.”

The government finally condemned and demolished the damaged house.  They told Catalina she could no longer live there.  She begged them for help and they gave her a roll of plastic to build a temporary shelter.   But living there made Bradley sick.  

“He was ill all the time from the cold air and the rain that came in through the walls and leaky roof.  I had to take him to the hospital when he finally got pneumonia,” said Catalina.

So Operation Blessing, working with the Guatemalan Army, began to build houses for Catalina and other families left homeless after the quake.  And they used better standards of construction which made the homes are more resistant to earthquakes.   For Catalina and Bradley that meant peace mind and hope for the future.  

“I could not believe it that THIS was MY house! It is such a blessing,” she said. “And having a kitchen and a bathroom, it’s amazing! I am so happy. “Thank you so much to the people who gave to CBN and Operation Blessing for our new home. We are so grateful to you!”

“Thank you for my house!” added Bradley with a smile. 

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