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Widow’s Cycle of Hunger

After Martina became a widow, she relied on her skill as a weaver to provide food for herself and her sons Julio and Eliah.  

“On the days I sold something that I made on my loom, I had enough to buy corn and wood. But that lasted a few days,” said Martina.

“Most of the time we only had tortillas and a little salt,” said Eliah, her son.

Most days the boys went to bed hungry. Their evening “meal” was a cup of coffee and nothing else.

“It broke my heart not to be able to feed my kids. Sometimes I couldn't bring any food home,” added Martina.

So Operation Blessing provided some help.  First we trained Martina how to raise chickens. Then we built a coop for them and gave the family 200 chicks along with feed and antibiotics. Juilio and Eliah couldn’t wait to help out.

Eliah: “I love to see my chickens drinking water. “I give them food every day,” he added.

Soon the business took off and Martina was able to earn enough to provide everything she needs for her growing boys.  

“We are producing around 120 eggs a day!” she declared. “I sell them to people who buy them at the house, and I have started selling them to nearby businesses. The boys eat very well now! Much better than before. Thanks to the people who support Operation Blessing! Because of you, I can provide for my children.”

“I am happy because we can eat eggs every day if we want!” said Eliah. “Thank you for blessing us with the chickens!”

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