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“Grandma, is there anything to eat?”

Grandma Berta became a widow many years ago. But that hasn’t stopped her from caring for her three grandchildren, who were abandoned by their parents.  You can tell just by talking with her that she loves the children very much.

“I hurt for them like they are my own children,” she said. “They will ask me, ‘Grandma, is there anything to eat?’”  

Grandma worked day and night to find odd jobs to earn a few dollars for food.  Other needs went unmet.   

“I remember times when I skipped eating anything so my grandkids could have a little more to eat,” she said.  I only could get on my knees and ask God for His provision.”

The children appreciate all she does.  

“I love my grandma so much.  She is good to me,” said Christian. “Sometimes we are very hungry and there is not much food at home, so we pray for God to help us.”

The Operation Blessing invited Grandma to take part in a community gardening project.  We set up a greenhouse for her and provided seeds, plants and fertilizer to grow vegetables.  We then trained her how to run a small business.   Soon her crops were ready for market.  

“I sold the first vegetables for $600 dollars,” she told us. “Can you imagine how shocked I was!  I had never grown anything before.”

“Now we have cucumbers, carrots and peppers. Grandma brings us many vegetables to eat,” added Christian.   

With the money she earned, Grandma grew more crops, and by the end of the first year, she had earned more than $2400!

“Now my grandchildren don’t go to bed hungry any more.  I thank God for giving me this greenhouse to grow my vegetables!  

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