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When Violette was only six months pregnant, she gave birth to premature twins.

Violette explained, “They weighed only two pounds. The other hospitals had no facilities to care for them, so I was rushed here by ambulance. On the two-hour ride here, I feared my babies would die.  I prayed to God for a miracle.”

Operation Blessing provided this hospital with solar panels that power the hospital twenty-four- hours a day.  That guarantees premies warmth and life-giving oxygen.

While holding one of her babies, CBN Producer, Dan Reany, said, “Violette and her babies have been here about two months, and they are still so tiny. They’ll probably be here another two months. Then the babies will be strong enough to go home.”

Violette said, “I still don’t know if they will survive, but if I stayed at the first hospital they both would have died, because they had no incubators.”

Sadly, after they went home healthy, one of Violette’s babies got sick and passed away before they could get back to the hospital. While Violette was heartbroken about her loss, she was still grateful to God for the life of her daughter.  Violette came back to the hospital to show us how healthy and strong her baby has grown.

Violette said, “I named her Antia, which means ‘God has gifted us.’ She’s truly a gift from God. Although one of my babies went to heaven, I have one here on earth.  It is a miracle just to hold her.  Antia has grown so strong.  Without this hospital and the doctors who helped us, she wouldn’t be alive today. Thank you for taking such good care of us.  May you continue to help more babies like mine.”

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