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Abused, Hungry and Desperate

Alany was only twenty years old when she escaped with her kids from a violent husband.

“It was a nightmare,” she told us. “One day he hit me so hard, he nearly killed me. He used to hit my daughter for no reason,” she tearfully added.

Alany moved hundreds of miles away, but it cost her everything.  She moved into thais shanty which had no doors or locks.  And she always struggled to pay the rent.

“The owner left a bed for us.  I was worried though.  I thought she might come and take it back and we would have to sleep on the floor.”      

To make money, she made coconut candies in borrowed pans on an open pit fire.

“I borrowed things but sometime people were afraid to lend them because they didn’t know me. 

One woman gave me an old baby stroller in take my baby along when I sold the candy.”

Alany earned a little over a dollar a day, and often blamed herself when her children went hungry.     

“I knew it was all my fault,” she said with a face filled with self condemnation. “It wasn’t fair for them to suffer because of the choice I made to marry their father.”

When Operation Blessing learned about  the situation, we built Alany a new, secure house with a door and windows.  We then we furnished it with tables and chairs and beds for everyone.  
We also a new stove and other items needed, along with a new stroller cart for her to sell even more candy.  

“This is the most amazing gift that I have ever received,” with new hope in her eyes.

Now that she no longer has to pay re, Alany has enough to support her family.  

“I am so excited to have my own place.  It´s a great blessing, I thank God and thank you so much!”

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