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A Rooftop Is No Place for a Family of Four

9-year-old Britny, her mom, and two younger sisters were forced to find a new place to live after flash floods swept through their home in Sinaloa, Mexico.      

“I was working when the storm hit,” recalled Liliana, the children’s mother. “I ran through the flood waters.  I heard my daughters screaming.”    

“I remember the water came into our house,” said Britny. “I was very scared.  I put my sisters on the bed because I was afraid they would drown.  They were crying and the water kept rising.   When mom finally got there, she grabbed us and carried us out.”  

Liliana and her children lost everything in the flood and couldn’t afford another place to live.  So they moved on top of a roof at a friend’s house.  There, Liliana built a temporary shelter.  They used a rickety ladder to climb up and down from the roof.

“I climbed first, then helped my sister,” said Britny. “Then we both helped mom with the baby.   I was scared that they would fall.”   

“I know my daughters do not like it up there,” added Liliana.

When Operation Blessing learned about the shelter on the roof, we decided to build a house for them.      

“The most exciting day was when a big truck came, and it brought lots of sand,” said Britny.   

“The workers then began to deliver building materials,” said Liliana.  “That’s when I realized it was true! We would have a house!”

A few weeks later, the family moved in.     

“Our house is big and there is enough room for me and my daughters. It is beautiful,” declared Liliana with a smile.

We also told the family about Jesus and they prayed to become Christians.  

I told Jesus I receive you in my heart and from this day on, I will live for you,” said Liliana.  “It is a new start for us now that we have Jesus! To everyone who helped us, I pray that God will multiply his blessing on you four times over for what you did for me and my daughters!”

“I feel peace and happiness inside now. I told Jesus thank you for hearing my prayers. nAnd I want to thank to all the donors who helped to build my house, thank you!” said Britny.

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