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Iris Wants to Hug You!

For years, Iris was beaten and insulted by her husband.  Their children were caught in the middle.

With tears in her eyes, Iris said, “My children cried when they saw what he did to me.  It got so bad one day, I grabbed my children and took them far away from that awful situation.”

A judge awarded Iris sole custody of her children.

Iris said, “I tried my best to provide for them, but I could never find a stable job. It hurt when they asked me for food and I didn’t have anything to give them.”  

When a community leader told Operation Blessing about Iris and her children, we helped her establish not one, but two small businesses. We gave her vegetables to sell from her home and set up a small kitchen for her to make and sell French fries.

“Now everything is different!” said Iris.  “We have a safe place to live, plenty of food, and we are very happy.  It feels so good knowing there are people in the world willing to take their own money and give it away just to help my family.  They don’t even know us!  All I can do to say ‘thank you’ is pray for them.  If I could meet the people who helped us, I would give them all a big hug.”

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