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From Broken-Hearted and Hungry to Overwhelmed by Generosity

Nicole Seitz is a single mom who says her broken heart has been strengthened by the courage of her children. Nicole was widowed three years ago when her husband died in a car accident.

“You know,” she says, “when you lose your husband, they also lost their dad. They’re so strong and they’re everything for me.”

“My mom is very beautiful and kind,” shares Nicole’s son, Jake. “I’m very happy that she’s in our life.”

Nicole provided for the family by working as a restaurant manager, until two debilitating injuries changed everything.

She recalls, “I herniated a disc and I had back surgery. Two months after I had my disc surgery, I totaled my Buick, and we believe it’s re-herniated the disc.”

Trying to make ends meet while she recovers has been challenging.

“Every month I write it out, try to figure out how much money I can spend on food, how much I’m gonna pay on this bill or this bill. You have to feed them, but you have to make it last,” she says.

With nowhere else to turn, Nicole reached out to Bread of Life, a partner of Operation Blessing.

“It was enough food to feed us for the entire month,” she said. “It was amazing! It’s really a lifesaver for us.”

The food has brought joy to Nicole’s kids.

“They are always excited. It’s more than just food, it’s really a spirit-lifter for them. It’s caring people that remember me and ask how I’m doing, and it just makes you feel like people care.”

She says she’s been overwhelmed by the generosity of Operation Blessing partners.
“When you’re looking at your kids and they’re hungry, and you come back with all this food, just the smiles on their face, you can’t thank somebody for that,” Nicole says. “There’s just not enough words. You’re amazing. Absolutely amazing.”

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