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Drinking From a Filthy Pit

7-year-old Srey Leang often got sick from drinking dirty water from a pit well that villagers had dug.  

“There is mud, moss and garbage in the pit,” she said.

In rainy season, the Grandma and Srey Leang get water from a pond in a rice field.  Other times they have to walk a long way to another water source across a dangerous road.  

“My grandma won’t let me get water there alone,” said Srey Leang. “The cars drive really fast.  A few month ago a kid died on that road.”

One day Srey Leang got so sick from drinking the polluted water that her grandma and aunt thought she would die.

“I called the doctor to come to my house,” her Aunt told us.  “She had a really high fever. It cost us $65-dollars to treat her.”

When Operation Blessing learned about Srey Leang and the village, we dug a well for them

Next we filled in the unsafe pit well.  Now, Srey Leang and everyone in the community has plenty of clean water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

“When they were drilling the well, I felt so happy!” said Srey Leang.  “Thank you for giving me clean water to drink!”

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