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Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus During COVID-19

When the Coronavirus pandemic first hit the U.S., Sandra made the tough choice to stay inside.  

“I fall into every high-vulnerability category,” Sandra says. “I was diagnosed with COPD eight years ago and am being treated for that. I have diabetes, I have high blood pressure, I have several other problems.”

Operation Blessing’s Dan Reany notes, “Any single one of those would put you at risk.”

“Yes, exactly,” Sandra agrees. “You know, I’m sixty-eight years old. 
I am being very cautious, and I feel it’s called for. It’s hard. It’s hard.”

As soon as people sheltered-in-place, Operation Blessing partner, Outreach for Christ, started delivering groceries directly to the homes of those most at risk, including Sandra. 

“So how does it feel seeing a team of people showing up here today with food to keep you going?” Dan asks. 

“It feels wonderful!” Sandra says with a smile. “It really does. I haven’t gone out, and I was running low, and finally I had to reach out and say, ‘I need some paper products really bad!’”

“It probably feels pretty good to see them taking all the precautions they need to with the masks,” says Dan. 

“Oh yes, I looked out the window to see how everybody was dressed and when I saw the masks, I thought, ‘Oh, good, I’ll wear my mask, too!’ So it was great.” 

“I see your Outreach for Christ shirt that you’re wearing. I understand normally you’re out volunteering with them, right?” asks Dan. 

“I help when I can,” Sandra shares. “But this isn’t a time I can help, so I’m being helped now, and it’s a beautiful blessing. Beautiful.” 

Sandra is grateful for Operation Blessing partners who make outreaches like this possible. 

“It’s the true Christian spirit,” she says. “It’s what Christ would be doing if He was down here with us. They’re His representatives here on earth and they’re doing the job. I’m smiling and they’re smiling and I feel it, and I love them all so, so much. Praise God for ya’ll. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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