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"It's Like God Walking Into the Neighborhood."

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., Stacie has been self-isolating and staying active by working in her garden.

“God has given me a supernatural strength that only comes from Him,” Stacie says. “And I would say that I’ve been prepared particularly for this time because I’ve already lived through what you might consider the worst-case scenario.”

More than ten years ago, both Stacie’s husband and her only son passed away. Now she lives alone. Stacie’s age puts her at high risk for COVID-19, and she doesn’t have any family in the area. Getting groceries was a challenge, until she got a call from Outreach for Christ, a partner of Operation Blessing.

“People who are shut in, they call and check on us and see what we need,” Stacie shares. “It’s heartwarming. It’s like God walking into the neighborhood. Like Jesus Himself. By doing what you’re doing with Operation Blessing, providing the food to ministries, they can come and not only just bring food, but share the Gospel. That’s the combination between Outreach for Christ, Operation Blessing- they couldn’t do it if it weren’t for Operation Blessing!” 

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