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“God, Please Don’t Forget Us!”

As the Corona Virus appeared in the nation of Myanmar, businesses closed and the government told everyone to stay home and shelter in place. Ko and his wife have 4 children.  Ko told us he was afraid of the disease and worried for his family after he lost his job.  

Ko had worked at a small dam on the river near their house. They supplemented their income by cutting and selling wood. Then people stopped buying wood and they ran out of money. Things got so tight they had started rationing their use of soap.   
“I only let the kids wash their hands before meals and before they went to bed,” Ko Said.  

The children’ mother, Thida,  said she didn’t know what to do when she got down to their last cup of rice.   

“People told us that we couldn’t go out.  If we can’t go out how can we survive? There is no job, no income! I prayed, God, please don’t forget us. When my kids said ‘Mom, I’m hungry’ my heart broke,” she said.   
When CBN’s Operation Blessing came to their community we brought bags filled with rice, oil, beans, shampoo and soap.  Thida and her family all washed their hands and prepared the food. Then they sat down and ate it together.
“I am so grateful! Now I don’t have to worry about food for my family for a while. I know that God sent you as an answer to my prayers!” said Thida. 

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