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Receiving Food Warms Hearts

On Sunday, the Rock Church sanctuary was empty.  But outside, volunteers gathered to serve those in need, with the help of Operation Blessing.

Recipients expressed their gratefulness, “God bless y’all.  Thank you,” and, “Thank you very much, Operation Blessing.”

The coronavirus has left many people struggling.  For some, like Wendy Dearing, being at a food distribution is a new experience.

“No, this my first time ever, in my entire life. So now, every little bit helps, and gives you hope that tomorrow you’ll be able to make it another day,” said Wendy.

Rock Church has its own food pantry, but they’ve never seen a need like this one.  So, Operation Blessing provided the church with enough food to keep hundreds of families going.

Pastor John Blanchard of Rock Church said, “We’re thankful for Operation Blessing. Because of their generous gifts, we’ve been able to give out 500 bags of groceries to those who are in need in the community. It’s such a blessing. Without their help, we couldn’t do it.”

Standing inside an empty church, CBN Reporter, Dan Reany, said, “Pretty soon sanctuaries like this will be filled with people again, but until then, Operation Blessing will continue to meet people’s needs in this time of crisis.”

Pastor Blanchard said, “I think it’s so important to really in a way preach the gospel, just through showing that love and demonstration. The people in the cars, they were so thankful. I heard one lady was just really moved to tears to see people coming out reaching out and showing the love of God and helping people.”

After receiving some groceries, Charlotte Coking said, “I think it’s beautiful, and I appreciate that they are looking out for other people in the world, and we need that. We still have people that have a good heart and help other people. God bless you and thank you for doing the job you do.”

Wendy explained, “I would like to thank everyone, really everyone, that has donated to Operation Blessing, because that way you can provide for all of us that have received this food. And that has truly mattered. So, thank you so much.”

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