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Peruvian Health Officials Face Unique Challenges

After the outbreak of COVID-19 health officials in Peru faced some unique challenges.  For example, some residents that shop in this market in Iquitos don’t have refrigerators at home.  So they have buy food every day or two to keep it from spoiling.  Others are trying to limit the number of times they visit the market, but since it is their primary source of groceries, they still have to come.  We talked to one of the market regulars.

“I am afraid to go to the market and then return home,” said Liseth. “I don’t know if I’m infected and I’m afraid I might be taking the virus to my three children.”

Officials believe that disinfecting public areas, like the marketplace, can help stop the spread of the COVID 19 virus.  Operation Blessing is helping them in that battle by making and donating thousands of gallons of chlorine bleach right from our office in Iquitos in northern Peru.  

Officials mix the donated bleach and with water to create a safe, yet powerful virus-killing solution called Sodium Hypochlorite.  

“It’s about 95 percent water and 5 per cent bleach.  It is safe for humans and for animals,” said Bruce Marinho, a biologist working on the disinfection project.  

Using powerful fogging machines or atomizers, officials are now able to sanitize large public areas like marketplaces, health centers and schools.

“Without the Bleach from Operation Blessing we would not be able to fight this deadly virus,” said one of the frontline workers using the fogger.

Operation Blessing will continue to produce and distribute the chlorine bleach as long as it is needed.  

“I want to thank God and Operation Blessing for donating bleach to disinfect the market.  Now we can come there with less worry,” said Liseth.

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