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Fighting COVID-19 With No Working Sinks!

One regional hospital in Honduras has been trying to fight the COVID 19 virus without a very important weapon: The ability for people to wash their hands.   Because the hospital is centrally located near the capital of Honduras, administrators like Dr. Martha Anariba Rodríguez about all the Corona Virus cases passing through their gates. 

“Handwashing is one of the most important and easiest ways we can to protect people and staff from disease,” she said.  And we have a shortage of sinks in our hospital and none of them are working.”

When we checked the restrooms in the public areas of the hospital we were able to confirm that none of the sinks were working.  In one case the sink was missing from the wall!  Without this basic front line defense the hospital was beginning to panic. Then Operation Blessing offered to build them some “hand washing stations.”  

The project began with an engineer and who designed a unit that contains a sink, soap dispenser, electric dryer and pedal lever to turn on the water.  The unit displays instructions for thorough hand washing “in a COVID world” and rests on a sturdy metal frame which can be mounted to a wall. 

We built the prototype in just one day. The hand washing station is so simple, it can be assembled or built anywhere in the world.

“We are so grateful to be THE FIRST to receive these wonderful hand washing stations,” said Dr. Rodriquez through a surgical mask. “The first thing people will do now BEFORE they enter the hospital is wash their hands.   This is an exceptional plan! With it we can reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other contagious diseases just by hand washing!  Thank you!”

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