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Six Mouths to Feed and Running Out of Food

In this mountain community near Mexico City, the people were already struggling before the COVID 19 virus hit.  A year ago they had no clean water.  So Operation Blessing built an innovative system that collects and purifies rainwater.   

Now with COVID 19 restrictions in force, work has stopped and meals for the kids at the government school in the community stopped too.  That’s been a big worry for Enriqueta, who is a single mom. 

“I lost my job cleaning houses about a month ago,” she told us. “And because of the pandemic, I can’t go out look for a new job.  We need help.  I need it for my kids!” 

As the days passed the family was running out of food.  

“As long as my kids have something to eat, it’s okay. I can eat less so they can have more,” Enriqueta said. 

Because Operation Blessing had worked with this community in the past, we quickly reconnected with them and gave them 70 boxes filled with rice, beans other grocery items and essentials like oil, toilet paper and soap.     

“Thank you all for this food!” Said Enriqueta, her eyes smiling behind her mask.  “I hope God keeps giving you the strength so you can help more people! Thank you!”

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