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In the heart of this Nairobi slum, families are struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown. 

"Before COVID-19 hit our country, my husband and I were employed. He worked as a welder, while I was employed as a cook at a local school. But because of the pandemic, both of our workplaces closed.  This left us without any source of income.”  

Even before the lockdown and the job loss, Joyce and her husband Boniface had a tough time providing for their children.

"As a mother, there were times I would get very worried, because I did not have any food at all in the house to give to the children, but I never lost hope. I kept praying to God each day that He would provide for us."

Right before the pandemic hit, Operation Blessing gave Joyce and many other families supplies to start their own sack gardens. The gardens have been a lifeline to Joyce and her neighbors, as they’ve harvested vegetables for their families. 

"The sack gardens started thriving just as COVID-19 hit our country.  We believe that it was God at work. He made the garden thrive just when we needed it most!"

Because of Operation Blessing partners, Joyce and her family have a source of food during this worldwide crisis.   

"Thank you so much Operation Blessing for this sack garden. You came just at the right time. I don't know what I would have done without this garden. God bless you so much."

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