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COVID-19 Makes Single Mom Unemployed and Unable to Provide

“How long can we last?” asked Khin, a single mother of three. 

Khin (kin) did laundry in people’s homes to provide for her three sons after her husband abandoned them. Then COVID 19 came to Myanmar and made things even more terrifying for her. 
“I’m afraid of the virus. I do not know how to protect my children from getting sick.  All I have is harsh laundry soap to wash our hands.  It hurts our skin.”  
Because of the pandemic, Khin has not been able to find any way to earn money. 
“It’s been many weeks since I had a job or income. Now I’m afraid my children will starve. I cry about it a lot!” 
Finally they completely ran out of food. 
I begged my neighbors for help.  They felt sorry for us and gave us a little rice and fruit to eat. 
Then CBN’s Operation Blessing came to Khin’s community.  They brought her a grocery box filled with bags of rice, beans, vitamins and soap.  Everyone washed up and got ready to eat!  
"I feel like I can breathe again! Now, I don’t have to worry about food. I am very grateful for Operation Blessing!"




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