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“Thank you so much for giving us a new house and business!”


Nine-year-old Angel and her siblings have been sleeping on a wooden platform exposed to the elements. A category 3 typhoon destroyed their home and their community in the Philippines.   

“I am scared of the typhoons and the strong winds. They make my chest hurt,” said Angel. “My little sister was also scared so I covered her with a blanket until we both fell asleep.” 

Angel’s dad, Rolan, is a single parent raising his kids after his wife abandoned them. He built a shanty with scrap wood he’d collected after the storm. He stays up most nights and doesn’t sleep to make sure his kids are safe. 

“I worry about my kids,” he told CBN. “What if one of them were to fall into the water? I worry about how I can rebuild our house. No one else can help me because they’re busy with their own houses. Then I lost my fishing job because of COVID-19. We have nowhere to turn for help and nowhere to go.”

Angel is a bright child and knew what they were facing. So she prayed. 

“I said, 'Lord, help us. Please give us a new house. Please protect my family. I love them very much. I thank you Lord. Amen.’”

When Operation Blessing first arrived at their community, we delivered food packs to Rolan and other families affected by COVID-19 and the typhoon. After we saw the dangerous place Angel and her siblings were living, we delivered building materials to build a new house for them. Without being asked, volunteers, who had been helped by Operation Blessing after an earlier typhoon, offered their help. 

Finally, to help Rolan to earn some money, we gave him everything needed to start selling fish outside his home.  

“Thank you so much for giving us a new house and business!” he said with a smile. “I’m happy because my kids now have a home!”

“Wow, we have a new house!” declared Angel.  “Now I won’t be scared of falling into the water when I sleep! I’m happy. Thank you so much!"

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