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Family Devastated by Terrorist Attack Receives Unexpected Blessing

Ukasi village, Kenya

Agnes is a widow. Her husband, Joseph, was killed in a terrorist attack just a few hours after their third child was born. 

Agnes explained, “After Joseph died, life became very hard for us, because he was the one who was providing for our needs and school fees for our children. I had just been operated on during delivery and couldn’t work yet.”

Drought had already devastated their small farm, and without her husband working in town, Agnes could barely feed her children. 

“Life became very difficult. I didn’t have a source of income,” said Agnes.

Then Operation Blessing and International Christian Concern set up a small store for Agnes at the local shopping center.

Agnes said, “Since I got this shop, our life has become so much better. I can now take care of my children. I pay their school fees, and provide them with food, clothes, and other necessities.” 

With some of the proceeds from the shop, Agnes even bought some chickens to raise so she can expand her business. 

“I want to say a big thank you! May God bless you,” said Agnes. “May He increase you so that you continue to bless others.”

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