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Saved from Famine and Starvation!

A catastrophic drought swept across parts of northern Kenya. There was no pasture left for the animals and no food for the people. Large portions of livestock died, leaving families with no source of income. Some families were down to their last meal, and starving to death was a real possibility. Watch how you stepped in, bringing a welcome supply of food for hungry, desperate families.


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Brandon Nimmo, centerfielder for the playoff-bound New York Mets, shares his secret to playing on baseball’s biggest stage on today’s 700 Club.

A woman is fourteen weeks pregnant and stricken with breast cancer. See the miracle that saved two lives on today’s 700 Club.

One young woman collapses in her home after a near-fatal overdose. She is given a 10 percent chance at surviving….see her wake-up call on today’s 700...

A hard-partying couple decides to get married. She settles down, he doesn’t. Hear about her departure and find out what brought them back together on...

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