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When Water Isn’t Enough for Dinner


Soe and Moe worked hard to provide for their young son. When COVID-19 shut down their community in Myanmar, Moe lost her jobs cleaning houses and Soe had no work because all construction stopped too.     

“No jobs meant no food. It felt like a nightmare!” said Moe. “I have not had a single moment of peace since the shutdown started.” 

The couple rationed the little food they had left. 

“We were very careful,” Soe said. “I even got sick after eating food that smelled bad. I was pretty sure I shouldn’t eat it, but we were almost out of everything so I ate it anyway.”  

Finally their food ran out.

“All we had was boiled water to drink. When I saw how hungry my 18-month-old son was, I couldn’t bear it,” said Moe with emotion. “There are no words to express how I felt. I would not wish this on anybody.” 

Then CBN’s Orphan’s Promise came to their village with boxes filled with eggs, beans, oil, and other groceries, along with a sack of rice, milk for the baby and vitamins.

“I’d like to thank everyone who gave to Orphan’s Promise so that they could help us. I wish you a sweet and happy life!” said the grateful dad.

“You showed us kindness and humanity!” added Moe. “We can’t thank you enough for caring about us!”

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