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“God Showed Me His Love Through You.”

Chiangmai, Thailand

9-year-old Kai Pong and his sister live with their mom in Thailand.  Every day, their diet consisted of a little rice with a single cube of brown sugar.  They ate that twice a day.  It’s all their mom could afford.    

“I wondered why we did not eat anything else,” said the boy.  “I really wanted a fresh mango but mom said she did not have money for that.”

Pairin worked hard to provide for her kids after her husband left them. She sewed patches onto traditional Thai clothing, often by candlelight. For twelve hours work she earned five dollars.  

She told CBN that she tried to set aside a little bit every week to buy the kids a little treat: a single egg and a pack of ramen noodles, which they shared.  “I worked extra hours to give them the treats,” she added. “I felt so sorry for them.”  

Pairin also went into debt as the Covid pandemic significantly reduced her work hours.  “I owed $67 dollars to the lady I worked for. It was hard to get another job because I had to care for my young daughter who is three years old.  

Pairin added that she was afraid her children might be taken away from her since she could not adequately provide for them.   

“I never wanted to lose my children to an orphanage,” her tears beginning to well up.  “I said, ‘God, please give me a business so I can take care of them.’” 

When CBN’s Orphan’s Promise learned about Pairin’s situation,  we set up a smoothie stand with fresh fruit and other ingredients so she could prepare drinks and smoothies outside her home.  

“God sends me lots of customers every day,” she said. “They say my smoothies taste good and come back for more!” 

Pairin began giving ten percent of her income to her church and saved enough to pay off her debts.  “I gave because I love God!  I want to give thanks to Him because He is a good God,” she added.

Pairin reports that her income is now five times what she earned sewing patches! She used some of her earnings to start a second business buying and reselling bulk fruits and vegetables.

“It seemed impossible, but God answered my prayers to have my own business and to be free from debt. When I see my children having good meals, I thank God!” she said happily.   

“We eat good food now,” said a delighted Kai Pong. “I love mangoes the most! I hope our family is this happy forever.”  

“Thank you for helping me and my children,” added Pairin. ”God showed me His love through you.” 

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