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“God Brought You Here!”

Mexico City

This past year has been especially tough for Luma and her young son Franco. It started when the government closed down Luma’s home based salon because of COVID-19. “I am a hairdresser,” she told CBN, “but I wasn’t allowed to serve my clients anymore.”

Then Luma’s mom, who lives with them, got COVID while working at her job in a pet grooming business. “I went to my mom´s room at night,” said Luma, her voice breaking, “to make sure she was still breathing. I was afraid she would not wake up the next morning.” 

We also talked with Franco, Luma’s adorable 8-year-old son. 

“Grandma was sick and I had to say good night from outside the door,” said Franco looking away. “I could not go in.”  

Then Franco’s mom came down with COVID too. “I could not hug my mom,” he added. 

Having both mom and grandma sick at the same time presented an addition economic challenge for the family. 

“I got sick while taking care of mom,” Luma said. “That’s when I realized we would run out of food.”   

When CBN’s Orphan’s Promise heard about the family’s situation, we provided some help. First, while they were still sick, we brought them food and groceries.

“I had never seen so much food in my life! We were impressed,” said a tearful Luma.  

“God brought you here! He sent me food, milk, EVERYTHING!” declared Franco.  

After they recovered and the economy began to re-open, Orphan’s Promise paid for Luma to take an eyelash extension class to expand her hairdressing salon. We then gave her a portable table and light to add the additional services to her business.  

“When they gave us the table, I helped mom to open it because I am strong!” said a ‘too cute’ Franco. "Thank you for making my mom happy!”  

“I have so many clients now,” added Luma. “I cannot go to sleep without thanking God for what He did for us through you!”

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