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God’s Answer to Money Challenges

As a former Navy pilot, Tom has flown around the world.

Tom recalls, “The E-2C Hawkeye, I've got over 4,000 hours flying that airplane over my 20-year career. Sometimes we would control fighters in air-to-air combat scenarios.”

Linda says, “Tom's not real good at getting the car parked straight in the driveway, but that man could put an airplane on a postage stamp doing the boogaloo in the middle of the ocean.”

At the start of their marriage Linda wanted to tithe. Surprisingly, Tom agreed.

Tom says, “I knew it was important to her, but I knew also it was the right thing to do.”

Linda remembers, “He didn't miss a beat.  He said, ‘Well, sure.’  And I'm thinking to myself, ‘Now, wait a minute.’  I know all these people who are born again, arm-waving, foot-stomping, tongue-talking believers who if God wanted to get ahold of their wallet, he'd have to have a crowbar.  And here my husband was, and he had sense enough to know ‘You better give to God.’”

After a 20 year career in the Navy, Tom retired. The couple used their savings to pay for Tom to get certified as a commercial pilot, but jobs were hard to come by. And the only place hiring was a small regional airline. Tom’s salary went from $60,000 to $16,000 a year!

Tom shares, “Our needs were all met.  All the bills were getting paid, I just had to work a little bit harder.”

Linda says, “We always had more than enough. God told me to tithe 30%. And I want you to know every place I went I was finding deals that all the other housewives weren't finding. God just makes all these provisions when you'll be obedient and give.”

Part of their giving was to CBN.

Tom says, “We saw the wonderful things that they were doing. The outreach of the ministries that CBN was pursuing, we felt like we should support them as well.”

Linda shares, “The wells that were dug, and to know that entire people groups would be able to drink water now, and for the first time in their lives not get sick. I mean, this thrilled us. We loved to give.”

Which is why Linda prayed for Tom to get a job making more money.

Linda says, “I said, ‘Abba, if Tom was flying for this major airline, it would be a whole lot more than you're getting now.  I'm just saying.’”

Eventually, Tom landed a job for a major airline beating out 4,000 other applicants. Not only was Tom making nearly four times what he had been but their tithe was now more than his entire salary had been from his former employer.

Tom recalls, “Yeah, that was pretty special. And you have to think that God's hand had to be in that.”

Linda says, “When God moves, I just get excited.”

The airline filed for bankruptcy and Tom lost his $350,000 retirement package and took a huge cut in his salary but that didn’t deter the Jennings. They continued to trust God and never stopped tithing.

Tom says, “I just had complete faith that everything was going to work out well.”

And it did! The company emerged from bankruptcy and set up a new pension program that greatly benefited Tom.

Tom shares, “During that time they increased the age limit to 65 for flying.  So that extra five years I flew completely offset the loss of our retirement.”

Today, the Jennings are Chairman's Circle members. Now in their retirement years they say they are more blessed because of their giving.

Tom says, “Oh, absolutely. God has been very faithful to us.

Linda says, “Test God. What have you got to lose? You're going to go down to a burger joint.  Take that money and give it to God and see what he does.  He is faithful.” 

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