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Divorced Single Mom Conquers Finances

Margaret knows what it’s like to live on a limited income. As a child, she was a refugee in Hong Kong.

She reminisces, “So we live – we tightened up our belts, and we eat a lot of green sprouts.”  

Later she moved to San Francisco, where she ended up a divorced, single mom with a foreclosed home.  There was no way for Margaret to make ends meet and save for her children’s education.

“My children's furniture was furnished by garage sale, and I slept in a sleeping bag,” says Margaret. “My ex-husband was supposed to pay $300 for the three of us, but he never paid. And I did not have $5,000 to take him, as a retainer, to take him to court every time he didn't pay the $300.”

What she did have was faith in God.

She recalls, “My mother always says, ‘Margaret, you were born very average.’ But she says, ‘Somehow the more you trust in God, the more you pray, you've become intelligent.’”

Margaret remembers the exact moment she learned to listen to God and trust Him.

She explains, “I decided I want to surrender myself to the Lord, and at lunchtime I usually eat about 23 wonton, that was my favorite food.  When I about to put the 14th in my mouth, the Lord says, ‘Stop.’  

So, she stopped.

Margaret expounds, “The Lord reminded me, ‘If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in great things.’”

One of the things she was faithful in was giving.

“None of the money that I have is mine. And so I basically believe I’m just merely a steward of God,” Margaret says.

Now even in the midst of her financial challenge, she gave and prayed.

“So, I keep praying to God, and God one day answered me,” Margaret shares.  “He says, ‘Margaret, you're supposed to do real estate.’ ‘Well,’ I said to the Lord, ‘I've never had any education or experience.’ But He said, ‘Margaret, whatever I ask you to do, I will enable you to do it well.’”

Soon, Margaret went from a poor teacher to the CEO of Liu Realty.  

She reports, “My first year's income was ten times and then as it progressed it became 30 times of my annual income as a teacher.”  

She provided a good life for her kids, was able to send them to college, and always gave at least 10% of her income to God.

She smiles, “I could buy a good dress and a nice pair of shoes, but that is a fleeting.  I just know that I just need to follow God and follow His prompting, so when God puts it in my heart whatever it is, I will give a lump sum.”

Today, Margaret is a successful investor. And as God keeps increasing her income, she keeps giving. Recently, she decided to become a CBN partner.

She explains, “They use money efficiently, effectively, and they aggressively advance God's kingdom. I particularly like Superbook because I love children. And talk about numbers, their numbers is always going up, up, up and up.”

Margaret encourages others to invest in the kingdom of God and watch their own numbers go up.

“People usually put their problems first, their financial situation first; don't need to do that,” she says. Margaret concludes, “Look to God first. Because that is really the source of supply. With God, nothing is impossible.” 

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