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You Cannot Out Give God

Steve went from being thousands of dollars in debt to running a business that beat out fortune 500 companies for multi-million dollar contracts. So how did he do it? He says it’s all because of his late wife Linda.  

Steve says, “I learned from her a lot about obedience. She was quicker than me.”

Steve had been working a low-salary job as a defense contractor. Linda was a stay-at-home mom. Credit card bills began to pile up. That’s when a church elder told Steve to get on board with his wife and start tithing. Within a few months after that decision Steve was named “salesman of the year” and given a huge bonus.

Steve shares, “That was evidence right away that God was going to bless me as I would obey His Word.”

Within a few years he and a partner started a company selling equipment parts to the military. In 2002, they scored a major, multi-million dollar defense contract.

Steve says, “What it did was increase my faith tremendously in every aspect, including tithing.”

As Steve earned more money, he started giving more away. One of his favorite places to support is CBN.

Steve recalls, “I love the testimonies. Because those are real people that experience real challenges, and God met them in their need.”

Steve and his partner sold his company in 2017, two years before Linda passed away. Now semi-retired, Steve has written a book where he shares the secret to his success...the one Linda taught him many years ago.

Steve shares, “Just be a giver. The Word says to do it. Do it. Just give. As they say, you cannot out give God.”

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