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White House Appointee Is Grateful for Christian Education

“God is a god of justice,” said Farnaz.  “When I’m pursuing justice, I feel like I’m pursuing something that's very close to his heart.”

Farnaz Thompson is a White House-appointed attorney, working for the federal government in Washington DC.

“I had different options for law school, but Regent University won over all those options.  I think Regent really does a great deal to prepare us for real world practice of law.”

But there was a time when Regent would have been last on her list.  As an undergrad at UC Berkley in California, she was active in the ACLU, and had no use for God – but that would change.

“I had a friend who was in student government with me… and she would always ask to pray for me.  I thought it was odd, but I also knew her heart, and that she cared about me, which made me feel more comfortable with her.  Every time she did, I felt a sense of peace.”

So one evening, Farnaz agreed to go to church with her friend to find out more.

“When I was at the Friday night service, that was the moment where it became crystal clear to me that Jesus Christ is who he says he is, and he is my savior and it became clear to me that this sense of peace wasn't just a sense of peace that came out of nowhere. It was a sense of peace that he promises.”

Farnaz still dreamed of pursuing law but now she had a much different perspective.

“I just gave that desire to God when I became a Christian, to become an attorney.  I really had to pray and make sure that all of my beliefs aligned with the word of God. And through that process, I came to know other people who were in the legal profession and who were very godly.”

One of those people was her small group leader, an attorney, who recommended that Farnaz check out Regent University.

“Well, I had not heard of regent until the recommendation. And I went and did my research online, as well as learned about the 700 Club and the roots of CBN. And I was really impressed. I also was really impressed by the caliber of the faculty at Regent University School of Law and when I visited, I was even more impressed by the amount of time the faculty took to actually talk to you, to get to know you, to determine what your goals were and to help you achieve them.”

But it was a phone call from a regent professor that made the difference.

“And he said that they were praying for me, and they felt very strongly that I should be at Regent.  I don't normally make decisions spur of the moment, but I decided that Regent is where I should be, so I … decided to move to Virginia Beach, Virginia and start a new adventure.”

Farnaz stepped out in faith and moved across the country by herself to attend Regent Law.  

“It was difficult the first year, because I think any law school that first year, it's the most difficult year but what made Regent University different is that they provided a community of support, there was competition, but at the same time, you knew everyone wanted what was best for you, and everyone was willing to help you, including the students.”

Farnaz graduated Cum Laude and went on to build an impressive resume that includes a clerkship at the supreme court of Virginia, a job at the Virginia Attorney General’s office, and now as a presidential appointee, serving as an attorney in the Office of General Counsel at the Department of Education.   

“I'm not sure why God called me to law, but I feel closest to God when I am practicing law.  I needed to be at a university where I received a really great foundation in the law, and also a place where my spiritual walk could be challenged and where I could grow if you are considering Regent University School of Law, you will receive a fine legal education. But you will also receive the opportunity to grow closer to God and to really understand what it means to be an advocate.”

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