He Learned to Bully From His Parents!

Even at a young age, Yudha was becoming a bully.  He often fought other kids or teased them with help and encouragement from his friends.

“I bullied them at school and also around my house,” said Yudha. “I tried to make them cry.”

Yudha learned at home that fighting was the way his parents solved problems.

“They usually fought about money.,” Yudha recalled.

Yudha grew up in a secular home in Indonesia.  His parents never attended mosque or church. 

But one day, a Sunday school teacher invited Yudha and some other kids to visit her Sunday school class.  Yudha remembered something he learned watching the CBN Superbook episode In the Beginning.

“I saw that Lucifer disobeyed God.  I didn’t want to be like Lucifer!” the eight-year-old boy declared.

Yudha’s teacher invited the children to pray to receive Jesus as savior. The boy prayed along.

“I prayed, ‘Jesus, please come into my heart.’ I also asked God to please forgive me for fighting and being a bully to other kids.”

Yudha later invited his best friends to come and watch Superbook too.   His teacher Priska told CBN what happened next.

“Not only Yudha has prayed to become a Christian, but his best friends prayed to receive Jesus too!” 

And Priska and Yudha’s mother report that his behavior has radically changed. Now he’s praying for his parents to know Jesus too.

“I love Superbook because it helped me to stop being a bully,” said Yudha. “Thank you Superbook!”

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