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"Thank you for bringing us Superbook!"


11-year-old March and Tan Koon are good friends. They love playing badminton and hanging out together.

One day before the pandemic March’s friend asked him a question.

"He said, ‘Do you want to know God?’ I said, ‘Sure, I want to know God,’" March told The 700 Club.

So March began to go to Sunday School in Thailand with his friend. There they watched episodes of CBN’s Superbook. One week March saw the story about Jesus, called He is Risen.

“I learned that Jesus came to redeem us,” he recalled.. 

At the end of the episode March prayed to become a Christian. “I felt so happy and at peace,” March added. “I knew that I would go to heaven someday. I felt like I was starting a new life.” 

A few weeks after that prayer the church shut down due to the pandemic. So their teacher held Superbook Sunday School classes online.  

“Our teacher sent us the links to Superbook,” he said. “After we watched the stories we talked about them and prayed together.” 

March lives with his dad Ali and invited him to watch Superbook episodes with him. At night they prayed together.    

“Because of the pandemic, the gas station that I managed had no customers,” said March’s dad Ali. “I was afraid the company would shut it down.”

“I told my dad that God is real and if we ask He will help us!” said March. “I prayed, ‘Dear Lord help my dad to open his heart to you and believe in you.’” 

Their prayers were answered and Ali’s station did not shut down and he did not lose his job.  

After the lockdown ended, Ali went to church with his son and prayed to become a Christian too.  

“Superbook showed me that God is real,” declared Ali. “Now I have Bible studies with my co-workers, and tell them, 'Try God, He will help you.’”

“I think everyone should watch Superbook to know God,” added March. “Thank you for bringing us Superbook!”  

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