Urging Women to Answer a New Call

On October 9, 2017, a gathering of possibly hundreds of thousands of women will take place.  Lou says Psalm 68:11 declares, The Lord gives the command! Great is the number of women who proclaim the good news! He says this is the basis for their Rise Up event.  The purpose is 4-fold:

  1. Offer the world an alternative narrative and model of true femininity/empowerment to the rising tide of female outrage as evidenced in the protest marches following Trump's election;
  2. Present a carefully scripted court-case of prayer for a national moment the media can't ignore, including a million signature petition calling for the end of abortion;
  3. Make space for women young and old, but especially mothers to intercede and cry out in unity for another. Jesus Movement to save a generation. Birth a Jesus Movement in prayer;
  4. Demonstrate by example (from key male leaders) a new heart for healing, blessing and recognizing the value, leadership and influence of women in the church, society, workplace, home, government, etc.

“Interestingly, two aspects of the timing are more than coincidental. Neither of these were known or planned, but were instead only realized after the permits were secured,” says Lou.  1.  That very week is the Feast of Tabernacles on the Jewish calendar. (ATD Tents from 50 states); and 2. That week is also the week of the 20th anniversary of Promise Keeper's "Stand in the Gap" (first the men, now the women must Rise Up).

Christian author and pastor, Francis Frangipane, shares about praying mothers and the Jesus Movement:
“In the late sixties, I was a very lost young man living in sin and rebellion.  My dear Catholic mother stood before God for me.  Her cries were relentless and unceasing; often she would pray through the night for me. She was pregnant with prayer for her son. In 1970 God finally answered and during the Jesus Movement revival, I came to Christ.   It has been part of my assignment to help engender citywide unity and establish prayer, things which precede revival. Yet, to my knowledge, no citywide unity or organized prayer fueled the Jesus Movement. So, I asked the Lord how could a revival occur without a prayer movement at its source? The Lord quickly corrected me saying that there was a great prayer movement: He had heard the prayers of a million praying mothers, each crying to Him for their children. This is the army God desires to release again today, but now with more vision, more power from the Holy Spirit, and with the support of men as well!"

In 1999, a woman approached Lou and asked if he had ever considered putting young people on the National Mall like Promise Keepers did in 1997 with men. Amazed at the question, Lou replied that two years prior he had publicly proclaimed that the youth of America would gather together at the National Mall, and it would be a sign from God that America was turning back to Him. The woman promptly wrote a check for $100,000 initiating what would eventually result in the TheCall DC. On September 2, 2000, an estimated 400,000 young people joined together for twelve hours to cry out to God. It launched the movement of TheCall which has been going now for 17 years. “I always knew that TheCall was some kind of John the Baptist type movement because it was about fasting and prayer and Nazerites and turning America back to God,” shares Lou.

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Co-founder of TheCall

Founder of the prolife ministry Bound 4 Life

Launched the Spiritual Air Force Academy which will train and deploy teams across the world for breakthrough intercession in partnership with missions

Married to Therese, 34 years

7 children


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