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Dr. Michael Roizen: The What to Eat When Cookbook

Groundbreaking "When Way" Backed By The Latest Research

Dr. Roizen’s consuming passion is to help people live better and longer lives through proper nutrition and exercise. And you might be surprised to know that he didn’t discover his passion until later in life. He admits, “In medical school, I could consume over 30 cans of Dr. Pepper a day.” He’s thankful that friends “staged an intervention” and led him in a healthier direction.

Recently, Dr Roizen discovered that the latest research indicates that WHEN you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat. He co-authored the groundbreaking lifestyle guide What To Eat When. The authors coined the phrase "The When Way," which means to eat when the sun is up and fast when the sun is down; to eat more early, less later, and to eat 80% of your calories by 3pm. The sequel The What to Eat When Cookbook expounds on "The When Way" explaining why meal timing is so important. Roizen explains, “your body prefers burning carbohydrates for fuel during the day and burning and storing fat at night. A recent weight loss study revealed that those who ate lunch earlier lost more weight then those who ate lunch later. Further, eating “The When Way” can actually shift your genetic expression which, in turn, makes your physiological age younger. Other studies show that timed eating and intermittent fasting reduces the biological markers of aging and age related cancers.

Don't Stereotype Foods And Other Tips To Help You Follow "The When Way" 

Dr. Roizen says there is no such thing as breakfast, lunch or dinner foods. He says, “Who hasn’t eaten pizza for breakfast?” He says to eat foods whenever you want, but make sure you are following “the When Way” of timed eating.  

Dr. Roizen says it’s important to learn to plan and prep and try to cook food yourself. He says to plan and prepare your foods early, e.g. plan menus for a week, and cook your favorite recipes the night before. The book provides cooking techniques that make preparing food more efficient, and the food itself more nutritious. This makes you less likely to grab and eat the wrong foods at the wrong time.

Some Foods Are Much Better Than Others. Having Delicious, Nutritious Recipes Helps. 

While Dr Roizen’s food list is less restrictive than others. He sends the gentle reminder, “some foods are MUCH better than others." There are specific foods that boost immunity and help facilitate sleep, like pumpkin seeds and a “Mushroom BLT.” He gives other examples of great foods and exactly how they make us healthier. The aforementioned Mushroom BLT recipe, and so many other pious recipes are found in his latest book, The What To Eat When Cookbook.

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