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Evangelists Hard at Work in Africa

Dr. Boyd and Mallory recently returned from Kenya after discipling over 100,000 students for the past few months.  Together with their team they traveled throughout various cities, going from school to school, to speak to thousands of students and train African leaders. “Our School of Discipleship in Africa has tens of thousands of students who have not only come to Christ, but whose lives are being dramatically transformed by His power,” share the Boyds. In addition to the School of Discipleship, thousands of new adult believers have joined churches in Western Kenya.

In November, Dr. Boyd, Mallory, and 55 of the most “on fire” New Fire for Christ students traveled from western Kenya to Nairobi for an outreach initiative. The students competed in a three-day soccer tournament against a group of students comprised of one of the most unreached people groups in the world. After the tournament, they shared the good news with these students.

As a senior in college, Dr. Boyd met Christ in a dramatic encounter that transformed his life.  He then felt called to the ministry and attended Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM) and then earned his doctorate in Biblical Preaching at Asbury Seminary.  Mallory met Dr. Boyd while working as an artist for Athletes in Action, They married before his last year at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Boyd became the pastor of a growing church on the original “Walton’s Mountain” in Virginia. Campus Crusade for Christ International invited Dr. Boyd to join its staff as a National Speaker, and after 12 years with Campus Crusade, Dr. Boyd and Mallory began the Bob Boyd Evangelistic Association (BBEA) in 1997 (now New Fire for Christ).  Together with their team, they now lead large, city and university-wide evangelistic campaigns around the world speaking to hundreds of thousands of people.  “Our Ministry's motto: We are nothing. But Jesus + Nothing = Everything,” shares the Boyds. Dr. Boyd has spoken to millions of people in these campaigns, on radio and TV. Mallory has led many Bible studies and spoken to thousands at family seminars, as well as founding student’s ministries with tens of thousands in Russia, Africa, India, and Pakistan.

In 2003 in one of New Fire's city-wide festivals in Webuye, a city in Western Kenya Dr. Boyd was speaking to crowds each evening. Mallory and their four sons, Bobby, Benjamin, Billy, and Brian, gathered crowds of students together each day.  These students - hundreds of them - followed the Boyd boys to big open fields where games were set up.  The boys divided the children into big teams, played games, and then spoke to them. The boys told the children that God loves them and that He had "plans for good and not for evil" for them.  In their  world, 1 of every 7 people is dying of AIDS.  Many are orphans, and many will soon die themselves. In Kenya, when the students follow God's plan, which includes sexual purity and rejecting witchcraft, they receive life instead of death by AIDS. The Boyd boys spoke to crowds of children, and invited them to choose God's way and to join a new "School of Discipleship". Bob and Mallory assembled a Kenyan team and worked day and night to disciple the newly believing children. 

“We light the fire and the local leaders tend the fire,” shares the Boyds. They began a School of Discipleship within the secular schools of western Kenya. At first just 10 students came to the "School of Discipleship" then it grew to 3,000 and has grown to over 100,000. Dr. Boyd, Mallory, their son Brian, and the rest of the American team have returned many times, to organize and teach the students in new, un-reached cities. Teachers have testified that their entire schools have changed because many of the students no longer practice unsafe sex and renounce the circumcision rituals. Sexual disease has largely disappeared in the schools.

Download the Boyds' Unreached People Groups handout here.

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Founder/President, New Fire for Christ (formerly Bob Boyd Evangelistic Association)

Ministries Team, Norfolk –conducts evangelistic city wide and university wide campaigns worldwide

Former international speaker with Campus Crusade for 12 years

Former United Methodist minister

Attended Dallas Theological Seminary, Earned his D.Th., Asbury Seminary; Graduated from William & Mary College


Co-founder, New Fire for Christ

International speaker

Founded children’s ministries in Russia, India, Africa, and Pakistan

Award winning watercolor artist

Graduated from Southern Methodist University, B.F.A.

Children: Bobby, Benjamin, Billy and Brian (who still works with the ministry)


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