The Importance of Supporting Jewish People Around the World

The Friends of Zion Heritage Center in Jerusalem includes the FOZ museum which opened two years ago. FOZ Heritage Center continues to develop into a global center of support and help for the Jewish people, both in Israel and around the world.  The second phase of the FOZ Heritage Center includes:

  • Global Prayer Center - Millions of believers have joined together already to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the protection of Israel. This large group prays for each other as well.
  • Global Communications Center - When you think of the Arab world, 40% of the population are millennials. Newspapers are irrelevant to them. FOZ is developing a platform to reach millenials by using social media. They already have over 25 million followers.
  • First Christian Israeli Research Institute – FOZ is partnering with one of the top research companies in the world to provide data to the friends and defenders of Israel. FOZ must counter the lies that are poured out daily against Israel with the truth.
  • Global Ambassador Training Center – FOZ is using interactive learning tools to provide training to those who wish to stand in defense of God's Chosen in their countries around the world. This is a global effort to raise up Ambassadors for Israel - defenders of Zion who will combat anti-Semitism - in their own countries.
  • Homes for Holocaust Survivors - As hard as it is to imagine, there are actually poor Holocaust survivors who have no safe and permanent housing.  FOZ is in the process of purchasing two properties, one in Jerusalem and another in Haifa which will provide homes for more than thirty Holocaust survivors.

Mike is excited to see this new phase become a reality for the world and future generations.

The Friends of Zion Museum, which opened in 2015, is an experiential tourism site in Jerusalem that is dedicated to telling the story of non-Jews who lent their help and support to the Jewish people in the last 200 years. These people helped the Jewish nation during its most difficult and momentous experiences in modern times including the British Mandate era, the Holocaust, and the establishment of the State of Israel. The museum showcases a number of exhibits including a message from the late President Shimon Peres, who was Chairman of the International Board of the Friends of Zion museum, followed by the stories of military heroes including Col. John Henry Patterson and Major Orde Wingate, political leaders like President Harry Truman and the brave volunteers from around the world who came to stand with the Jewish State following the Declaration of Independence in 1948. There is also an exhibit honoring the long list of other Christian heroes like Oskar Schindler, Irena Sendler and many others. Guests are treated to a three-dimensional experience, original musical score, unique lighting, and stunning video mapping.

Mike says, when people visit, they often say they get “goose bumps!” because the museum is so powerful. When  Israelis come in groups, they often say,  “We are not alone.” As they see the portrayal of years of Christians standing with them, they realize they are not by themselves. In the first year the museum had over 100,000 visitors including political leaders, evangelical leaders, NBA players, and 50,000 Israelis.

The museum also has some “unlikely” support, as there are 25 Israelis on the Board of Trustees, which is very unusual. A Christian museum rarely has such strong Israeli support. Israeli General Yossi Peled serves as the chairman. The museum has had several notable visitors including Omri Cassipi, Caron Butler and Demarcus Cousins from  the Sacramento Kings, as well as Iman Shumpert, of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mike says it is important to pray for Israel.  He has founded dozens of pro-Israel enterprises such as the Jerusalem Prayer Team, Churches United with Israel, Lovers of Israel, the Evangelical Israel Friendship Council, and the Evangelical Israel Prayer Breakfast.  The Jerusalem Prayer Team is the largest prayer organization in the world and operates in 180 countries. Mike says in order to win the battle for Israel’s survival, every child of God must fight this battle in prayer.  “This is a spiritual battle led by Satan himself,” he says.  Mike says PM Netanyahu is desperately struggling to defend Israel against the weight of the world.  He reminds us that the Lord pronounced a curse on those who curse Jerusalem.  Every nation in history that has lifted their hand against Israel has been cursed.  “God has judged all of them rightly,” says Mike.  “Most of them either don’t exist today or have been weakened beyond comprehension.”

When asked why he has spent 40 years defending the nation of Israel, Mike answers, “Because I couldn’t defend one Jew against an anti Semite.”  He explains that his father was a professing Christian, but was an anti-Semite. Mike’s alcoholic father often abused Mike’s mother, who was a non-practicing Jew. He abused Mike as well, and when Mike was 11, strangled him and left him for dead when he tried to defend his mother. Mike forgave his dad, but out of the agony and pain, he prayed, “God, Why was I born?” He says the Lord assured him of His love and promised Mike He would use him. He says he discovered he was born to comfort and defend the Jews.

Mike purchased and restored the home of Corrie ten Boom in Holland in 1993 and serves as Chairman of the Board.  The home is open as a Holocaust museum that tells the story of the family that housed, fed and found safe houses for more than 800 Jews.  They were betrayed by informants and sent to concentration camps where most of them died except Corrie.  The Corrie ten Boom Fellowship continues in the tradition of the ten Boom family by continuing to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 

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Guest Info


Founder, Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem

NYT best-selling author, Award-winning journalist

Appeared on TV and radio shows, including Good Morning America, Cross Fire, Nightline, FoxNews, CNN, BNC, ABC and CBS

Founder, Corrie ten Boom Foundation in Holland

Founder, Jerusalem Prayer Team (has the support of more than 1,000 organizations and 300 of America’s top leaders)

Associates of Arts, Southwestern Assemblies of God, Waxahachie, Texas

Wife: Carolyn; 4 children; 7 grandchildren


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