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In 1998, William began to experience a hunger for revival after his pastor at the time suggested that he read Tommy Tenney’s book, The God Chasers. After reading the first chapter or two, he put the book down, went to his room, and began to cry out to God to have an encounter with Him. He earnestly cried out to God from that moment on for revival to break out. William also had an open vision about a place where people were discipled and trained in life, in worship, and the arts. However, at the time he did not know what it meant. He asked the Lord, “Where is this place to be?” and God clearly said, "Orlando, Florida - and I'm going to use you to build it!" William moved to Florida in 1999 and attended Full Sail University. During the next several years, he led worship and had the privilege of serving as keyboardist and music director for internationally renowned worship leader, Ron Kenoly. He then accepted a position as worship pastor at a local church. “During that season, this vision that had always seemed foggy to me began to clear up a bit,” shares William. One day, William attended a church planters conference. While Pastor Rick Warren was speaking, the Holy Spirit quietly spoke to him and said "You are here to learn how to plant the church I placed in your heart in 1998!" “I promptly ignored that, since a church isn’t what I saw in 1998, was it?” says Williams. “I was so uncomfortable with what I heard that I stopped attending the conference and skipped all the remaining sessions!”

Later William and a friend attended another church planting conference. Together they were sitting in a session when the Lord spoke to William again and said, “You are here to plant.” He once again ignored that voice. William was a worship pastor that just recorded a new CD with songs literally being sung around the world. Then, the Lord spoke to him a second time, but this time He said, "Why are you ignoring me?" William said, "I'm not!” Then, the Lord spoke to him a third time, and asked again, "Why are you ignoring me?" Once again, William responded, "I'm not!" Then in a moment of divine providence, his friend leaned over to him and said, "God just told me to ask you why you're ignoring Him?" God was calling William to plant a church, which happened to be one month before his wedding. When he shared what God called him to do, his bride-to-be willingly and immediately embraced the call, and it became their call together. On their honeymoon, through prayer and dialogue, God birthed the vision and the name, Deeper Fellowship Church, in their hearts. The one major issue upon returning was that William loved his church and his pastor, and he didn't want to leave. After receiving ten prophetic words of confirmations in a five-month period William finally said, “Yes Lord, I'll go." With the direction of the Lord, William and his wife opened their home to a small core group of people once a month to worship, pray, fellowship, and study the Word. A little over a year later, the core team began meeting weekly outside of their home. Their first act as a group was to take a map of the City of Orlando and put their tears on it. Together they wept over their city and asked God for revival. God heard their prayers.
On May 22, 2016, William preached a service just like always, but during the worship he began to feel uneasiness in his spirit. “It wasn’t that something was wrong. I just had a sense that something more was supposed to happen, but I didn’t know what,” recalls William. Before he began to speak he felt the same sensation he experienced sixteen years prior. Suddenly, he began to weep uncontrollably. His best friend, Caleb, who knew what happened sixteen years before, looked at him and from the front row said, “It’s happening.”

Without prompting or a single word spoken, people began to rush to the front of the church, falling on their knees, weeping and crying out to God. It wasn’t a response to what William had preached because he couldn’t even speak. “We stayed there and wept in the presence of God for literally hours,” shares William. The service, which began at 11:30 a.m., lasted until 3:30 p.m. The encounter he felt that day was a life-altering change.

Since the tremendous move of God, which Deeper Fellowship experienced, “We have documented more than 150 miracles of physical healing in addition to deliverance, supernatural breakthrough, and salvation. We’ve begun to grow quite a collection at our altar of unusable crutches, wheelchairs, and other medical devices because people are being healed.”

When you have an encounter with God, William says it is important to mark it and acknowledge what God has done. These times of acknowledgement serve as lasting memorials, living stones to honor the presence of God in our lives. Each stone that goes into building a memorial is a testimony. For example, when your children see you praise, lift your hands, bow down, shout, sing, and cry that’s a stone. “Your stones of praise are markers for the power of God working in your life,” shares William. By marking the goodness, presence, and power of the Lord working in your life, in your prayer journal or talking about it with others, you are building a memorial one testimony at a time for future generations.

The enemy may try to come against you because he wants to keep any fire of revival from burning. William shares how towards the end of the first year of revival many of the members of Deeper Fellowship and their families were being attacked. In particular, when the gunman opened fire in the Pulse Nightclub in 2016 and took the lives of forty-two people. God began to give spiritual revelation as to why the attacks were happening, “Do not be discouraged by the attacks because the enemy has overplayed His hand. Whatever the enemy has thrown and is throwing at your life and your region in this season, I declare to you; it won’t work.” The enemy will not stop the move of God.

In order to have revival William says you need to take a look at your posture or the attitude (mental or spiritual) which people develop usually in response to how external forces affect their internal world. The Lord revealed the following postures to William in the early days of His movement at Deeper Fellowship: (1) Waiting – establishing a mindset of, “I’m not leaving until”; (2) Desperation – leads you to a fuller awareness of your need for God; (3) Crying –shows that we are no longer trying to figure things out on our own; (4) Prayer – declaration of our dependence on God. At Deeper Fellowship they have a prayer call at 7am and 9pm Monday through Friday. There are 150 who get on the call and assume the posture of prayer. The revivals that break out are a result of past prayers; (5) Worship – acts of worship without repentance merely become rituals. We must reconnect our external expressions of worship with what is really happening in our hearts; (6) Deliberate Action – if you want to experience a greater demonstration of the power of God in your life you must deliberately pursue Him. It does not happen randomly; (7) Faith – gives us confidence that what we hope for will happen; (8) Obedience – revival is connected to simple obedience. It’s a posture of surrender and submission to the will and ways of God. (9) Repentance – it keeps the avenue between God and us open for whenever He decides to come and rest upon our lives. If you really want revival then you have to be deliberate about all of these postures then God will respond. 

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Author, It's Happening, (Charisma House, 2018)

Grammy nominated worship leader; Pastor of Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida


Graduated from Full Sail University with degree in Entertainment Business

Married to LaTae

Four children: Joshua, Olivia, Caleb and Joy


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