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God’s Weapons of War

According to Ephesians 6:10-12 Christians are in a spiritual war and have been given the weapons to fight with including the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, combat boots and a shield of faith. The scriptures also reveal the powerful results produced when saints come together in unity and all do the same thing at the same time. “God’s math is different from mankind’s. God’s 1 plus 1 does not equal 2; it increases exponentially, for according to His math it increases by a power of 10,” (Deut. 32:30) shares Bishop Hamon.

He encourages the Church to do corporate aggressive, offensive spiritual warfare so they can become mighty warriors for Christ in His army and to fulfill and win God’s World War III.  “The joining of saints in spiritual warfare releases so much power that it is like detonating a weapon of mass destruction,” shares Bishop Hamon. Some of the corporate weapons of mass destruction that can do so much damage to the enemy include:

  • The Shout of Faith – just like Israel received their breakthrough at Jericho with a victorious shout, Bishop Hamon believes the Church will begin to gain its breakthroughs by using its most powerful weapon of destruction – the shout of faith. “When we allow the Christ within us to arise in our shout, God assures us that our enemies will be scattered,” shares Bishop Hamon. A few years ago, Bishop Hamon was with Pastor Ricardo Rodriguez in Colombia. The Lord revealed to Bishop Hamon that there was a drug lord the police and military had been trying to catch for 10 years. Every time they would get close to capturing the drug lord Satanic forces of witchcraft would warn him and he would always escape. That night Bishop Hamon led the congregations (20,000 people in both services) in spiritual warfare with a shout of faith. The congregation shouted with faith for over 30 minutes. Two days later the newspaper reported the capture of the drug lord who is still in jail today.
  • Prophetic Act of Faith – is when you act upon a word of instruction from the Bible, a word from the Holy Spirit or a word of knowledge. Jehoshaphat received a word of knowledge concerning what to do to fulfill God’s prophecy about battle. He did what God told him to do and put singers and worshipers out in front of the equipped soldiers. God fought their battle for them and sent His angels to turn the invading armies against each other, so that they killed one another.
  • Apostolic Decrees – are spoken with prophetic revelation and apostolic authority. When God spoke to Noah, Noah decreed that the end of the world was coming to all people. God decreed to Noah to build an Ark to preserve just a few humans from the flood. This decree was fulfilled a hundred years later when Noah finished the Ark and brought his family and the animals on board before God destroyed the earth with a flood.

In 1954, Bishop Hamon attended Bible College in Portland, Oregon and became the pastor of a small church in Washington state at 19. Ten years later, he and his wife, Evelyn, and their 3 young children moved to San Antonio, Texas where he was asked to be a teacher at a Bible college. In 1967, Bishop Hamon founded Christian International School of Theology and in 1970 the first Cl Extension Colleges were established. During the last 26 years, hundreds of Cl Extensions have been established in local churches around the world. Over 8,000 students have enrolled in Cl’s off-campus Bible college courses with over 820 graduates. In 1979, God challenged Bishop Hamon to add the “School of the Holy Spirit” to the Cl ministry. The school helped to teach, train, and activate individuals in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Christian International formed its first ministerial association, Christian International Ministerial Association (CIMA) in 1980. Three years later, Bishop Hamon received the revelation that God was going to raise up a great end-time company of prophets to restore the ministries of the prophet and the apostle. He wrote the first in a series of three books on prophets and the prophetic ministry. God gave Bishop Hamon both a vision and a burden for calling forth, activating, and maturing this group of prophets. CIMA was changed to Christian International Network of Prophetic Ministries (CI NPM) with the purpose of fulfilling that vision. It grew nationwide and hundreds of prophets and prophetic ministers were called forth and activated into prophetic ministry.                    

In 1988, at the International Gathering of Apostles and Prophets conference the Prophetic Movement was birthed. “I saw a vision of God lifting me and many others to a higher realm. He gave me a vision of the thousands of prophets He was bringing forth,” shares Bishop Hamon. In 1991, apostles began to be recognized, along with the prophets, as foundational ministries of the Church. A cry was coming forth from the hearts of ministers and churches for God’s government, order, and apostolic miracles to be established in local churches and ministries. CI NPM had trained and activated thousands of ministers and saints across the world as the Prophetic Movement sounded forth the call of God to gather a company of end-time prophets. As a result, the Christian International Apostolic Network (CIAN) was formed in 1992 to meet that need. For the last 60 years, Bishop Hamon and CI have sought to present and promote the cutting edge of what God is doing and saying in the Church. Today he serves as bishop to over 3,000 ministers and churches and CI’s headquarters on five continents.

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Founder, Christian International Ministries

Author, latest, God’s Weapons of War, (Christian International Publishing, 2018)

Founder of Christian International Ministry Network

Prophesied to more than 50,000 people and provided training for more than 250,000 in prophetic ministry

Married to Evelyn

Children: Three grown children, eleven grandchildren, and eighteen great-grandchildren

Serves as Bishop over 4000 ministers and churches in 5 continents


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