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Leaving the Business World to Chase God's Kingdom

Following God’s call to ministry, Rob left a career in business in 2002 and pursued a Master’s Degree in Missions from Wheaton College. While he was in college, the Lord confirmed Rob’s call as an evangelist and he was ordained.  He served from 2004 to 2007 as the Evangelist-in-Residence at the Billy Graham Center (provides training, inspiration, and networking in the task of world evangelism). During this time, Rob organized the ministry For His Glory. While studying a world map, he received a vision for the ministry: “One World, One Lord, One Gospel.” He has led festivals in many locations internationally and ministers locally in churches and jails. Rob has proclaimed the gospel in twelve countries to over 3 million people since 2006, seeing over 600,000 people make commitments to Christ. Rob’s prayer is for the Lord, “To use For His Glory as a catalyst for launching disciple making movements that transform nations for Christ.”

For His Glory has fostered unity among the local churches in cities through large evangelistic festivals, which create a platform and catalyst for discipleship movements. Before a festival, For His Glory will visit a community seeking individuals, and church leaders who are devoted followers of Jesus. Rob says, “We introduce Training for Trainers (T4T) to these disciples, training them how to share God’s love and freedom with others in their community, making disciples who make disciples.” Each of these disciple makers leads a small group of disciples who meet regularly in Bible discussion groups. The T4T model has been used in multiple countries including Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, and the U.S.  “The culture of a city will be transformed by the influence of the life of Jesus to the community. This model is designed to create indigenous disciple-making movements that not only improve the lives of individuals but is also self-sustaining and will expand exponentially transforming even the entire nation with the love of God,” shares Rob.

When these festivals are held in different countries the ministry often faces many challenges like sickness, finances, or even corruption in the government. Rob and his ministry team trust God and see amazing results:

  • Songea, Tanzania – 380,000 people attended the five-day festival with over 63,400 people making recorded public decisions for Christ. There were not enough counselors to reach all the people who were making a commitment to follow Jesus. They partnered with approximately 100 churches in the Songea area. Before the festival over 3,500 believers were trained through the T4T. Rob witnessed Muslim families which came to Christ and had the rare opportunity to preach inside of a Tanzanian prison. “All of the men and women prisoners responded to the invitation to receive Christ,” shares Rob.
  • Bukavu, Congo – most challenging of all the missions over the last 12 years. They encountered tremendous resistance at the border trying to get their visas to enter the country of Congo. The Lord honored their prayers and the passports and visas were delivered with about an hour to spare. Another challenge they encountered was when the senior immigration officer would not permit the sound system and generator into the country which resulted in the festival being cancelled the first night.  After much prayer, the Lord made a way and the sound system and power were made available so they could hold the next four days of the festival. By the end of the festival there were 102, 000 salvations recorded at the largest crowd ever assembled at a For His Glory festival.

Later this month, Rob will go to Moshi, Tanzania. Pastors and church leaders from Moshi have invited him to partner with them to bring in the harvest. “We believe tens of thousands of people will come to faith in Christ,” shares Rob.

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Founder, For His Glory Ministries


Ministered in 12 countries, using large festivals to reach over 3 million people since 2006

Former Evangelist-in-Residence at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College

Received a Master’s Degree in Missions, Wheaton College

Married to Emily

Children: John, Violet and David


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